What is Sacred Body Wisdom?

Awakening the Mystical Conversation Between Body & Spirit

Hello. That’s me in 2010. My face is older now and certainly have more experience, yet my enthusiasm remains youthfully in reverse!

As a single point of focus my intention for Sacred Body Wisdom is to raise awareness of our spiritual nature and the energetic connections between physiological and spiritual anatomy.

Sacred Body Wisdom will fuel your body—its physical, mental-emotional and subtle-spiritual facets, with uplifting, sometimes cathartic, and deepening practices for the journey ahead.

In a broader way, the three-fold sub-intention of Sacred Body Wisdom is to:

-support the human capacity to create and sustain productive, r-evolutionary and interactive relationships with life, self and others.

-support those who support others on the journey—the many amazing people who are helping humanity make the big leaps of change that are required right now.

-support this planet—all its inhabitants: human, animal, plant, mineral; and the many beings of light who support us all in our ability to open our bodies to spirit.

Oracle Cards and Books

Sacred Body Wisdom is the first companion book in the Sacred Body Oracle series. Combined with the Sacred Body Cards—a 72-card divining deck, this book of symbols and pathworking spreads will assist you in mapping and aligning your choices and actions with your purpose in any given moment on your path.

Here-Now is the only place-time from which to truly sense and feel, see and know. This is belvedere.

Life is a self-healing journey—one that you intend, map and travel entirely for yourself. The road is most certainly spiritual in nature; your body is your gracious and sacred companion; sensations and feelings are your constant companions.

From this premise, Relax your Body, Quiet your Mind and Sacred Body Pathworking were birthed as the last two books in the Oracle companion series. You will find more information about those products in the Oracle link above.

Side Bar

Although they exist, and I do participate in the below-mentioned arenas to some degree—I don’t believe politics, religion, formal education, finance, government, technology and entertainment rule the world, nor do they cause the problems that exist.

The common thread linking all of them is people. Who and or what rules the people?

My Journey

Transforming knowledge to wisdom through experience—these books, this blog, podcasts and pathworking practices are all sourced from my own journey. I have traveled intently, with increasing awareness, as a student of many healing modalities, and as a teacher of swimming, yoga, skiing, Pilates, the Tao, and a literal lifetime of intuitive development.

Additionally, my very personal healing adventures with birth trauma, anxiety and panic, spinal issues, Lyme, Epstein-Barr virus, and cancer have all been informed along the way with the ever-expanding wisdom inherent with these types of experiences.

These are simple intentions and facts of my life—they are neither badges, nor certificates of achievement.

I don’t usually risk truth, even in the face of the power behind a lie.

As I mature on my course of self-healing and mastery, I’m ever-more passionate and willing to risk the destruction (sometimes sacrifice) of my persona to express my truth, help others expose their true selves, connect with their soul personality, and maybe more importantly, share the truth in Natural Law—Universal principles, which encompasses EVERY thing.

My focus is humanity—the people and their essential nature which is often times buried in beliefs and conditions about socially correct attitudes and behaviors.

Everything I speak, teach and write about; everything I contribute in my own little world, is something I’ve practiced and continue to experience. Learning never stops. I am a constant student of life and relationship with the world.

Rather than sitting down each day to “meditate,” it really boils down to an on-the-go, self-awareness practice: in-the-moment accountability and responsibility; choice and action.

I no longer see self-mastery as the result of separated “church” time or daily devotionals like yoga and meditation. Instead, it is an organic integration of the constantly transforming sense of self-affinity, self-acceptance and self-expression.

And those are really just different words for amusement and enthusiasm in the very human condition of imperfection.

Hello Again. Congratulations for reading all of this section. This is me in 2024, and I no longer feel compelled to post my resume!😇

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Awakening the conversation between body and spirit.


I am a student of life and humanity. I explore through teaching. Some of what and how I teach: Intuition--courses, readings, Sacred Body Oracle; Writing--blog & books; Yoga--Restorative, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra; Pilates--Teacher Training